Why Bedtime O’Clock ?

I always thought that another part of the day starts after your daily obligations. You get up, take the kids to school (if you have any), then go to work for 7+ hours. And so the minute you clock out, that’s when the other part begins. 

That’s when you read a book, catch up with friends and family or go to the gym. It’s a time to indulge in something that soothes you.

And sometimes, you also want to use that “me-time” for something productive.

My goal with BedTime O’ Clock is to create fun and engaging content that serves your purpose and helps you reach your goal without making it look like it’s a chore. 

One thing I always find frustrating is how I set up goals for myself but never quite manage to carve out enough time for it. That’s why I try to optimise the resources I create here so that you can use them while sitting in your daily commute or more comfortably in bed before drifting into sleep.

I’ve personally always been more of a night owl when it comes to being productive on personal goals like reading on certain topics, or meditating, and even practicing a new language.

But it doesn’t really matter on which end of bedtime your productivity stands as long as you keep showing up. 

And so, that’s what I mean by a whole new world starts at bedtime. 

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