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The French Atelier - Online Course

Just picture this for a minute …

You are comfortably chatting with a fellow French speaker. Words are coming out of your mouth with ease and you are saying whatever it is you want to say. You could be at a café ordering food, or you could be talking about your job. You could even be texting a friend!

You are speaking French.

The main and common goal to all of my courses is to make sure YOU get to your destination and of course enjoy the ride! It will take some personal work and some time but if you show up for the lesson, then results will show up for you.

Are you ready to make it happen?

"Wanted to say thank you for being so incredibly patient! I know it’ll be a long road to speaking properly but you helped make me feel like it was possible one day."
Vanessa K.

Why an online course?

I used the feedback from my students and drew from my own experience as a language learner to create a course that would be the perfect combination of online and private lessons.

The online course – level 1 is divided in six modules with short and easy-to-digest content. Modules come with a weekly email so you can start along with all the other students in the course. You can share your comments, questions and tips via the course Comments section as well as the private Facebook group

Because we all learn at a different pace and all have different pain points, you get unlimited access to the course and can revisit each lesson as many times as you want.

The French Atelier online course – level 1 starts on January 27th 2020. Enrolment closes on January 25th 2020

Level 1 - Beginner Course

The French Atelier Online Courses are a combination of grammar and vocabulary topics and practical exercises with an insight on French culture

Get the best of an online course combined with the support and community of group lessons.

With The French Atelier Online Course – Level 1, you’ll get:

  • 6 Modules + 6 weekly emails
  • A mix of audio + video lessons
  • Quizzes, exercises, vocabulary sheets
  • Downloadable resources
  • Support (email, comments section)
  • Unlimited access to the course
  • Free access to upgraded content

* The French Atelier Online Course launches on January 27th 2020. Enjoy the support and community of like-minded learners & more surprise bonuses.

Free Sample Lesson

"I'm really enjoying the lessons, they are being taught in a very easy way - although the subject is hard. The teacher is the best."
Francesca D.

Course Content

Let’s start with the basics. Learn how to spell words in French, count up to 20, and some first useful words.

This module covers your greetings and how to introduce yourself. We’ll also have a look at pronouns.

We’ll start talking about gender in French as well as definite articles (le, la, les) along with more useful words.

Learn more ways to keep a conversation going with your first questions words and a look at verbs.

Talk about your family, how to use possessive adjectives, and more ways to ask a question.

Learn how to talk about what you like (and don’t like) in this last module. You’ll learn about negative sentences.

"I have learned more than I thought I would for a beginner's class."
Conrad B.


You have unlimited access to the course, and yes, that includes future updates, too.

The lessons are a mix of audio files and videos with a pdf to follow along. You’ll also get more bonus content at the end of the course.

We usually give refunds on a case-by-case basis. We strongly believe in our method so you can give the course a try for 7 days (that’s the whole Module One). Try doing the exercises, asking questions and if you’re still not happy with the course, we will give you a full refund.