Course Outline: French Holiday Kit

French Holiday Express Kit - Course Outline

Course Outline

What is the course about:

The French Holiday Express Kit is a virtual course designed to enable students to communicate effectively in French while on holiday.

The course is perfect for you if:

  • you are a complete beginner – no knowledge of French is required to take this course;
  • you already know a bit of French but could use a refresher;
  • you’re travelling to a francophone country and need some basic conversations skills to get by during your trip.

Topics covered:

– Greetings & introducing yourself

– buy items in shops, ask about prices 

– order food & drinks & ask for the bill

– ask for directions

– asking for basic information at the hotel

– buy tickets, enquire about departure/arrival times/ delays & platform number

– cultural advice and insight into some Francophone countries

"Mounia is a super caring teacher who takes the time to send the student all sorts of useful material after class. She is also up to date and makes her lessons fun and relevant through a selection of real-life media sources, from magazine articles to online videos."
Lorenza R.

Course Information

Where: the course is delivered online.

What’s included in the course:

5 modules covering the different topics. Each module includes a grammar point, vocabulary audio flashcards, exercises, and a quizz.

Support is available throughout the course from the teacher via email and the comments section.

A personal one-hour session with the teacher at the end of the course.

What do I need:

– An email address

– A reliable internet connection

– A computer/laptop/tablet with a fully updated browser (preferably google chrome). Your device will need a microphone, and preferably a camera for the one-on-one session with the teacher.

Cost: £49*

*The fee includes all teaching materials. This is a discounted rate – conditions apply.